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Karateboyandgirl“Best thing we ever did for our kids” freebutton
-Derek Moore

“Changed our lives forever.”
-Marika Goyal

“Clean, professional, and positive.”
-Art Newbacher


“I have become confident in myself because the teachers always tell me that I have the highest kicks and tell me when I am doing a good job. I feel good when they tell me this because I am proud of myself. When I was a white belt, I was nervous to perform at graduation. But now I am not nervous because I am almost a first degree black belt and I am confident that I will do very well!” Black Belt Student, age 8


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teens (1)“With all those goals I’m making, I feel like there is something for me to do, and if I work really really hard I know I will be able to get to those goals. Karate affected my life a lot in the last couple years in a very positive way.” -Robert Wang, age 13

“I follow the student creed very carefully. I don’t fight with my friends to achieve selfish ends. Even if sometimes it is like scraping a cheese grater against my head I never let it make me get in a physical fight with my friends. I try to practice patience and self control with them and especially some of my younger friends.” Advanced Student, age 10.


“Karate has taught me how to stick up for myself and others. It makes me feel safer now that I know that I can stick up for myself and my friends and family. One person I will always defend is my sister, who also takes karate, but is younger, so I have to defend her. Karate has taught me confidence. Doing karate has made me able to walk right up to someone; no problem. I am not afraid to talk with anyone even though I know not to talk to strangers. I am much friendlier now that I have taken karate and my confidence level is higher. When I am confident, it makes me try hard. I may not always be the best, but I always try.” Red Belt Student, age 9




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“Karate has helped me achieve more strength, speed and endurance. It has also helped me be more independent. It’s helped me with an output for frustration. Karate is going to remain a constant in my lifestyle for a while to come!” Age 13

“If I didn’t take karate, I think I would have been in a lot of trouble in school. That’s because before karate I was short tempered and hard headed. Since the last four years, it helped me control how I would make decisions- it helped me learn faster, and learn from my mistakes and improve at home.” Age 14

“Karate has been lots of fun. I have learned Self Discipline, Self Defense, and Self Determination while having fun!” age 9




“When karate started to get challenging, I thought that I might not make it to black belt, but I know now I’m going to be a black belt because I’ve come this far with all the training the instructors have given me.” age 9


Splits“The most important value Karate had taught me though out all my belts is to respect everyone equally where ever you are. If you do, that’ll make you a better person and people will learn to respect you, too. Also, understanding the fact that you can achieve anything- and then actually doing it shows you and everyone else that you can set your mind onto doing anything!” age 15


“The most valuable thing Karate has done for me is helping me reach my full potential. It’s helped me realize my goals, not just in the school, but outside of it, too. The way the school has helped me do that is by giving us the responsibility of turning in assignments like homework, discipline, and book club cards. It has also set my priorities straight. My main goal was to get my black belt and look how far I’ve gotten. This shows everyone you can undergo anything as long as you stick with it!” age 13


“The exercise and training gave me much needed energy to finish the day productively and with a positive attitude. In addition, the small classes enabled me to meet several new people, building comradery and forming a positive environment in which to train. I think one of the major thingsKarate has done for me is that no matter how bad my day is or what may be going on outside of class I always leave class upbeat, positive, and feeling fantastic. All the instructors are always enthusiastic, professional, and portray a positive attitude.” age 31


[testimonial]I just can’t stop talking about it. I’ve never seen my children happier.[client_name] Patrick Ryan, sons Mark age 8, Kyle age 6[/client_name][/testimonial]
[testimonial]We participate as a family. Outside of church, this is the only activity we’ve found we can all do together. I’m not coaching or sidelines advising, I’m actually TAKING CLASS with my daughters. This is the only place we’ve found we can do it.[client_name] Joseph Ortega, daughters Iliana age 12, Isabella age 8, and Irene age 5[/client_name][/testimonial]
[testimonial] We love it. That’s all I can say. [client_name] Maria Ortega, daughters Iliana age 12, Isabella age 8, and Irene age 5[/client_name][/testimonial][testimonial]Changed our lives forever.[client_name]Marika Goyal, son Nittan, daughter Ria[/client_name][/testimonial][testimonial]Clean, professional, and positive.[client_name]Art Newbacher, Adult Student[/client_name][/testimonial]







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