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Learning, fun, fitness, and focus!


20130113-182303.jpg Your child will prepare for school in STYLE, and build bully-busting confidence, rock-solid social skills, and laser-sharp focus to serve him/her for a lifetime with GAMMA Academy Martial Arts dedicated pre-school age programs!

Give Your Child an Amazing Martial Arts Class They Will Love – that teaches them the skills YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED them to develop.

As a parent, you want your child to learn life skills… ones that will prepare them for the future and put the right foot forward!

We have dedicated, AGE-APPROPRIATE classes for children in the area. As the nation’s leader in martial arts classes for children of all ages, we pride ourselves on developing classes that work skill sets pre-school children so sorely need.


Youth Program

Our very popular Martial Arts Classes are a fun way that is SURE to excite and EDUCATE your child, teach them confidence, self-esteem and additional skills that will last them a lifetime!

Our dedicated professionals are trained to work specifically with children aged 3-7 in two separate, skill-building, fun-filled classes.

Kids enjoy age appropriate instruction in our Little Masters class for ages 5-7 or in our specialized youth program for ages 8-12.
  • We pioneer HIGH-LEVEL education and a kid-friendly martial arts program.
  • We provide the appropriate facility (Safe, Fun & Exciting Environment!)
  • We provide qualified, friendly, energetic staff!
  • Our industry-leading LIFE SKILLS programs and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT lessons teach kids healthy lessons and emotional de elopement
  • We work WITH children and parents to provide the best education and care possible.20130113-182221.jpg
“Our kids simply LOVE it- they think it’s tons of fun. And since our kids have joined GAMMA Academy, they are actually BEGGING to clean their rooms. Who can beat that?” – John Pritchett -Bethesda
“I couldn’t recommend GAMMA Academy more highly. My daughter is happy here and I love the family atmosphere.” -Samantha Wilkerson -Bethesda
“All three of our children enjoy the classes, and are given individual attention that is appropriate for their age level. The instructors are professional, well-educated, and focused on our children and our family. We are highly pleased with both the service and staff at GAMMA Academy and recommend it to all of our family and friends.” -Rebecca Strong -Maryland
“Aidan loves his class and teacher, and I love that he now says yes ma’am and yes sir.” Sarah Wilkerson
“I give GAMMA Academy 100% credit for Malroye skipping first grade. They gave him the skills and confidence to shine! THANK YOU GAMMA ACADEMY! A black belt is just a white belt that never quit!!!” Trinity Marks

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