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20121228-190416.jpgBring everyone together- fitness, focus, and fun.


There’s just not enough time in the day! Kids’ schedules, parents’ schedules, workouts, homework, dinner… With our family classes, find a program that FITS for everyone, that kids and parents love, that’s EASY to fit into your schedule and meets EVERYONE’S needs.

Our martial arts program is motivational, inspirational and a well–balanced physical and mental workout!


Our very popular Martial Arts Classes are a fun way to exercise that is SURE to excite and EDUCATE you and your kids, teach practical self defense, boost your self-esteem and put you ALL on the path to success!


Our dedicated professionals are trained to work specifically with families on goal-setting, fitness, and character development in a positive, healthy environment.

Our family classes are perfect for beginners through advanced students: mom tying on belt
    • We provide HIGH-LEVEL education and a beginner-friendly martial arts program.
    • We provide the appropriate facility (Safe, Fun & Exciting Environment!)
    • We provide qualified, friendly, energetic staff!
    • We provide dedicated HEALTHY DIET programs and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT lessons to supplement your training.
    • Your family will get FIT and BOND over classes TOGETHER!
  •  We work WITH families, kids, and parents to provide the best specialized education possible.





“My brother and I do it together. He’s a lot older than me but it’s fun because we can do it together.” -Alieza, ageKarateboyandgirl 8

“We’ve been going as a family, and in a time where my teenager mostl y wants nothing to do with me, now she’ll practice with us in the basement and we have dedicated time together. Thanks GAMMA.” -Rose, age 48
“There’s nothing else we could do together. I was a cub scout mom, but that died out, and my husband doesn’t really love dollies [laugh], so we found this!” -Johnson Family: Mark age 42, Beth aged 29 (again), Parker age 8, Kyle and Kylah age 6.
“My three kids loved it- so I had to jump in.” Mrs. Powell, children: Nick age 10, Mark age 8, and Sarah age 5.
“It’s tons of fun, and I know I can really protect myself now. My mom and I love it- there’s nothing else we do together.” -Annaliese, age 14
“We’ve found something we don’t argue over- and Annaliese is showing me what to do. I’ve got some catch up work- but I know I can do it!” -Patricia Markson, Mom of Annaliese


Call us or click here now for more information about GAMMA Academy dedicated FAMILY programs and get started today! …. 1-301-660-KICK


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