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Tae-Kwon-Do-WomanA fun way to get fit and defend yourself!


Take control of YOUR body and mind with our Teen Martial Arts Lessons. Through fun fitness classes and with motivational staff, our program builds healthy habits, fitness, and awareness. Rebuild your confidence through a lean and happy body- adults of all ages and fitness levels find a home in our classes!

Our martial arts program is motivational, inspirational and a well–balanced beginning to a successful adult life.


Our very popular Martial Arts Classes are a fun way to exercise that is SURE to excite and EDUCATE you, teach practical self defense, boost your self-esteem and put you on the path to success!


Our dedicated professionals are trained to work specifically with women and men in a goal-setting, practical fitness environment.

Our adult and teen classes are perfect for beginners through advanced students:
    • We provide HIGH-LEVEL education and a beginner-friendly martial arts program.Young adult couple practicing Karate on white background, studio shot. Series.
    • We provide the appropriate facility (Safe, Fun & Exciting Environment!)
    • We provide qualified, friendly, energetic staff!
    • We provide dedicated HEALTHY DIET programs and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT lessons to supplement your training.


  • We work WITH adults, individuals, teens and parents to provide the best specialized education possible.


“I’ve been training with GAMMA Academy and the instructors here since I was little, and it’s made a serious impact in my life. My friends say they hate to stand up and do speeches in front of the class, but I am excited. Public speaking is just one of the major benefits I’ve gained from martial arts.” – Brian, age 19. 

“It’s a fun workout, and different all the time. It’s exciting to come to class, and I’ve liked working with the instructors.” – Lynn, age 51
“We’ve been going as a family, and in a time where my teenager mostl y wants nothing to do with me, now she’ll practice with us in the basement and we have dedicated time together. Thanks GAMMA.” -Rose, age 48
“It’s been an intense workout- I started after I lost thirty pounds, then hit a road block. GAMMA turned that corner for me.” -Marcus, age 27
“I wasn’t a big ‘gym rat’, I couldn’t stick to it. This is different each time and a real workout- but I always enjoy it.” -Lynn, age 24

Call us now for more information about GAMMA Academy adult beginner and advanced programs and get started today! …. 1-301-660-KICK

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