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An Open Letter to Parents Considering Martial Arts for Their Children



I’m the owner and manager at GAMMA Academy, and I am extremely pleased to have you visit us- albeit online. The very fact that you are thinking about martial arts training for your child or children is heartwarming. It shows that you care, you listen, and you pay attention. Most of all, it shows you want what will be best for your child. We do, too. That being said, martial arts is not for everyone, and not every martial arts school is for everyone. Our ultimate goal for you, if you are even considering us, is to give you the information you need to make the decisions right for your family.

While you consider our school, please think about the following, so that we can give you the best service we can possibly provide-

What do I want my child or children to most get out of the martial arts? 

This question is ultimately the most important. Different martial arts schools and programs even within our school are focused on specific goals. Do you want your child to be the next super star Olympian- or just to have fun and enjoy their class? Do you want them to focus on discipline at any cost, or is discipline not even a concern? Knowing what you are looking for is important, so you can gauge if we meet that standard. We are extremely happy with the balance of our program between discipline and fun, between respect and our family atmosphere, between knowledge and pacing, and between physical and mental skills. We also recognize that you may disagree or agree with our balance- and we want to know. We are ever-growing towards the needs and wants of our family members, students, and trial families.

Do I have the time for martial arts training, and are we training as a family or is this just for my child?

You will not get a lot out of martial arts training if you are inconsistent. Period. If you come once, then take a month off, then come eighteen times, it doesn’t make for a positive experience. We are looking to support families that can make a consistent weekly commitment to their training. We offer various training schedules, for as little as once a week to up to every day. Something is right for everyone- but inconsistency is right for no one. Also, children who train with or at least at the same time as their parents are learning a great deal more than just martial arts. We beg you to consider making this a family choice- we did, and have never looked back. However, if this is just for your child, we understand. Our program requires the full support of at least one guardian- at the very least, we will need to communicate with you regularly.

More to come…

If you are interested in more information or would like to start your trial today, please click the link below or call 1-301-660-KICK.


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