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Scott Munsey began his wrestling and martial arts career at a young age and trained throughout his youth until making the Marine Corps Wrestling team, and consequently being inducted into the Hall of Fame. His favorite work is with our sparring team and advanced students in taking their take downs and ground game to another level.

Mr. Munsey brings a down-to-earth and caring spirit to all of our students, from adults training for the first time, to students who are sharpening their skills for the competitive are na. He enjoys working in take-downs, reversals, striking, and practical self defense and helping students of all ages develop their abilities in these areas.

His dedication to self mastery and personal growth are apparent and he works hard in both modelling these values and passing them down to his students. Children and adults who work with Mr. Munsey are motivated, positive, and great team players. 

Mr. Munsey works with students of all ages in our sessions, and all belt levels. Students at GAMMA start at white belt and train all the way to Black Belt with the same instructors, who work on personalizing the curriculum to each individual students needs and growth.

Mr. Munsey never stops learning and growing. Here he is pictured at a NAGA competition, where he took first place against an incredible level of competitors.  Mr. Munsesy says his absolute favorite thing to do is participate in high-level training, then translate what he has learned to all of our martial artists at GAMMA at all belt levels.

Mr. Munsey invites you to join him at the school and enjoy a healthy workout with lots of fun! He’d like to extend an invitation to our sparring and grappling sessions on the weekends, or our family sessions all week long.