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Master Giscombe and team in Iraq.

RGG2Master Instructor Ron Giscombe brings a real-world self defense and safety approach to our martial arts training. He is a highly-decorated Army Ranger and Special Operations Veteran with years of experience in martial arts. His favorite work is in giving a modern self defense application to the more traditional martial arts for our advanced and black belt students.  He enjoys crafting a team of hard working leaders who are dedicated to themselves and others in the community.

Besides his bronze star and extensive decoration while training with the elite in the Army Rangers, Mr. Giscombe also trained with specific martial arts styles he brings to the school. His training in traditional martial arts stems from work in Tae Kwon Do, Arnisdemano, and Wing Chun Kung Fu. Following this solid base in traditional martial arts, he branched out to work with the Gracie Family in Jiu Jitsu  and L.I.N.E Combat System with Donvito during training at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School. 


Mr. Giscombe believes that martial arts creates leaders- regardless of age. After his training in the military, he dedicated his time to transitioning the leadership skills and life lessons he learned to a society- and family-friendly approach that teaches self-discipline, respect, and a focus on results.  His personable and friendly approach pairs well with his focus on details and practical knowledge to create not just stellar martial artists, but well-rounded individuals who apply what they learn at GAMMA Academy to every part of their lives.

Army Soldiers Grappling
Master Giscombe exercising the practical applications of martial arts training in the military.

During his time in martial arts, Mr. Giscombe has cultivated two major interests. The first, in teaching seminars and working with students who feel they have no means of self-defense. “It changes their lives,” he says “They already have it in them to protect themselves, I just get to show them they had it in themselves all along.” The other is in adult students, “Our program is family oriented- meaning we mostly get children training with their moms and dads, but it often turns out that mom or dad had a lifelong desire to try the martial arts, but always thought they were ‘too old’ or ‘too busy’. I love working with adults who are cultivating a new skill, who are stretching themselves to a new level. Families just change for the better when the leader of the family makes such a positive life choice.”

“Our community outreach programs are also a passion of mine. We work with local schools to teach the Confidence and Bully Busting skills that martial arts bring to kids, without the striking. We also work with local Au Pair groups and nannies to teach self defense that helps everyone in our area.”

Giscombe boys at GAMMA Academy's outdoor training sessions, and with World Champion "Superfoot" Bill Wallace at Karate College.
Giscombe boys at GAMMA Academy’s outdoor training sessions, and with World Champion “Superfoot” Bill Wallace at Karate College.

Outside of his training time, Mr. Giscombe is especially proud of his three sons, who are also on various points in their martial arts training. Ronald Giscombe III works as a youth assistant instructor since receiving his Black Belt certification in 2012 while studying at Landon School for Boys. Tre has earned martial arts ranks in two different styles and particularly enjoys weapons training and assisting with 3- and 4- year old classes. TJ participates in the beginner classes at GAMMA and is working towards his Green Belt. “Martial arts is an important part of my family life. It’s shaped us all for the better, and our goal is to share that with as many other families as possible.” he says.

Three young males, in martial arts uniforms, and orange, green, and black belts, smiling.
Giscombe Boys in 2016





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