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Ramon Neyra

1497701_2299226971451_1884309253_nRamon Neyra began his martial arts career at a young age and trained and worked as an instructor through high school, and currently trains and teaches while continuing his studies at a local university. His favorite work is with our sparring team and advanced students in taking them to another level.

When he isn’t instructing, Mr. Neyra enjoys competing in the martial arts himself, in kickboxing and martial arts forms. He has won multiple titles across many competitions and has first place finishes in Forms, Point Fighting, Kickboxing, and other arenas.


Mr. Neyra brings a down-to-earth and caring spirit to all of our students, from adults training for the first time, to students who are sharpening their skills for the competitive arena. Mr. Neyra earned his black belt under the tutelage of Grandmaster Jeff Smith and World Champion Vonnie Andros. He enjoys working in sparring and practical self defense and helping students of all ages develop their abilities in these areas.

His dedication to self mastery and personal growth are apparent and he works hard in both modelling these values and passing them down to his students. Children and adults who work with Mr. Neyra are motivated, positive, and great team players. 

Mr. Neyra works with students of all ages in our Basic and Masters Program sessions, and all belt levels. Students at GAMMA start at white belt and train all the way to Black Belt with the same instructors, who work on personalizing the curriculum to each individual students needs and growth.

Neyra with GMS and GMW

Mr. Neyra never stops learning and growing. Here he is pictured at Karate College, in Radford, where he was certified in Jiu Jitsu training and worked on his kickboxing with former undefeated World Champion Bill Wallace.  Mr. Neyra says his absolute favorite thing to do is participate in high-level martial arts training, then translate what he has learned to martial artists at GAMMA at all belt levels.

Mr. Neyra invites you to join him at the school and enjoy a healthy workout with lots of fun! He’d like to extend an invitation to our adult kickboxing sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings, or our family sessions all week long. If you’re into martial arts competition, he invites you to give our competition team a shot on Saturday mornings.

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