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Teen Assistant Instructors Jaidon Smith and Leighton Hardy

GAMMA Academy teaches discipline, respect, focus, and confidence through our training and classes. A unique opportunity at GAMMA for our teens is to work as junior assistant instructors. We are very proud of our teens who assist in classes at GAMMA. Take a look at a few spotlights on our teens as they progress in their instructing skills and martial arts abilities:

JAIDON SMITH: Jaidon is the oldest of four siblings! His energy and spirit in class know no bounds- and if you want to know the specific details of a martial arts move, Mr. Jaidon is the one to ask.

His dedication to self mastery and personal growth are apparent and he works hard in both modelling these values and passing them down to his students. Children and adults who work with Mr. Jaidon are motivated, positive, and great team players.

LEIGHTON HARDY: Looking forward to college, Leighton is an Honor Roll High School student. He currently trains and teaches while balancing his school and coursework. His favorite work is with our sparring team and he is a fantastic role model for our tweens in class! Mr. Leighton brings a down-to-earth and caring spirit to all of our students, from adults training for the first time, to high achieving students who are sharpening their skills for the competitive arena.


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