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 BrianBrian Schwartz began his martial arts career in his youth and trained and worked as an instructor through high school, and currently trains and teaches on his breaks from his studies at the University of Virginia. His SCHWARTZKAMA copyfavorite work is with our Master’s program students on their public speaking skills and leadership characteristics- skills he developed through martial arts that he claims make his college studies “too easy.”

Mr. Schwartz brings a high energy level and intelligent approach to his instruction and student interactions. You always walk away from his classes having learned a new way to look at things!

He has received two different second degree Black Belts after completing two arduous testing procedures, once in the mountains of Colorado with Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, and once in Sterling, Virginia under the tutelage of Grandmaster Jeff Smith. He enjoys working in sparring and practical self defense and helping students of all ages develop their abilities in these areas.

Mr. Schwartz is excited to see you at the school, particularly during summer, spring break, and winter break camps that enable students to get a head start in martial arts and have a lot of extra fun doing it!

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