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Allie and Student  Ms. Morrow loves what she does. She’s at the martial arts school every day of the week, doing whatever she can to promote how martial arts can change your life. She’s seen kids do martial arts their whole lives and the difference it makes, she’s seen adults find martial arts later in their seasons and find a new healthy outlook. She says, “martial arts is the best thing that has happened to me, and the best thing that has happened to a lot of folks who come through GAMMA Academy. I just want to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to see the positive benefits you can develop through training.”


Her favorite kick:

Flying Side Kick

Her favorite form:

Intensity to the Music of Eye of the Tiger

Her favorite Weapon:

Bo Staff or Kamas, she doesn’t want to make up her mind. 🙂

Her favorite Students:

Brand-new white belts, and students on the edge of Brown and Black Belt.