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Are you a quitter?

There’s a difference between prioritizing and putting it off; a difference between changing goals and quitting.

Our instructor meeting this past week gave us some valuable insight. As a new student, a new parent, a new martial artist, sometimes we are overwhelmed by the “newness” of a goal we are setting. Sometimes we pick the wrong goals.

But- all of this is a part of the process. There’s no perfection in life, just a whittling away at excess until you find your right path. Our instructors agree that martial arts is how they learned to stick to a goal- sometimes goals they later learned they wouldn’t do again, sometimes goals that taught them about something they now hold near and dear.

The only time one of us was upset or regretted a choice, it involved quitting before making it to a clear goal point.

Help yourself and your children today. Know when and where you will check on your progress:
“I will eat a salad for lunch every day for the next two weeks” rather than- I will eat more salads.

“I will take three lessons a week to catch up until next belt level” instead of- I will take lots of classes.

Give yourself clear, manageable goals. Assess your progress. Then give yourself clearance to change your mind, but only AFTER you get to your goal.

Goal setting is learning- but you have to stick to it until you make it to the lesson.