New Years Goal Setting Tips

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One of the biggest travesties of the New Year season are all of the dropped goals! This year, make yourself successful by:

Know what you want: this includes why, what, where and with who you will accomplish your goal. Think about ways to keep it fun- if you’re trying to get back in shape, look for fun classes. If you’re trying to make more money, look into making a hobby profitable.

Have a plan: write down specific action steps you will take!

Take consistent action: Don’t overload in the first few days, take small, consistent steps over time.

Have a success coach: a partner in your goal, an instructor, or a group at your local martial arts academy can help.

Review your progress: look back on what you’ve done in intervals of a week, two weeks, or a month and see how far you have come. Use a visual representation to chart your progress somewhere you will see it often.

Renew your goals: Once you make it, or once you hit your deadline, you have (at the very least) more information about a better timeline, and at the very best, exceeded your expectations!

Good luck and happy holidays!

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