Persistence: A Lesson from Dr. Suess

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Sam I Am- Dr. Suess' Most Persistent Character
Sam I Am- Dr. Suess’ Most Persistent Character

Have you ever met someone that the first time something difficult occurs, they give up? That person would never be able to make it mountain climbing- if they ran in to a rock, they would stop. They’d also never make it as an olympic swimmer- when they ran into the wall, they wouldn’t turn around! They would most CERTAINLY never make it to Black Belt, because the first time they had trouble, they would give up.

A simple children’s book gives us a great lesson during our testing. Each colored belt on the way to Black Belt is simply a small step, a small obstacle towards the end goal. They can be conquered with positive thinking and preparation, but sometimes they become more difficult than previously imagined.

When that happens, when you encounter a difficult belt or something that is particularly hard to learn, think of Sam I Am.

He never gives up, and just when things are difficult, he can think of ANOTHER way to try:

“In a box, with a fox”

“On a train!!”

“Say! In the dark? Here in the dark!”

Even in the face of adversity, with someone telling him he “can’t” and “won’t”, Sam I Am perseveres, and in the end?


Sam wins.

Keep that in mind next time you are working a tough step on your way to your big goal!

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